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After exhausting hikes or sporty days of skiing, you can relax and unwind in our wellness area - the perfect recommendation for sore and achy muscles.

Tanning booth, herbal bath, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, and infrared cabin

Indulge in an enjoyment of life. Feel the soothing warmth or refreshing coolness. Soak up warmth and well-being in our tanning booth, in the herbal bath, in the bio sauna, in the steam room, or in our infrared cabin (a tried and true home recipe).

Kneipp showers

The Kneipp showers are the perfect complement to heat applications.

Grotto relaxation room

If you are looking for peace and quiet, you will find it in our rustic grotto relaxation room. If you need a time-out and want to do something good for your mind and body, then you can book a massage. Here, you have the opportunity to free your mind, body, and spirit. .

Of course, our wellness area is equipped with towels, changing room, lockers, and WC.








Offers and prices

Massages & energy treatments

Holistic Pulsing 60 Minuten € 58,00
Holistic Pulsing 45 Minuten € 45,00
Reflex zone pulsing 35 Minuten € 35,00
Aromatic treatment for muscle aches 20 Minuten € 35,00
Aromatic treatment for spider veins, varicosities 20 Minuten € 32,00
Aromatic treatment for cellulite 20 Minuten € 32,00
Brush massage for detoxification 40 Minuten* € 42,00
Brush massage for wellness 40 Minuten* € 42,00
Holistic classic massage 55 Minuten € 50,00
Holistic back massage 30 Minuten € 28,00
Holistic back & leg massage 40 Minuten € 38,00
Foot reflexology massage 35 Minuten € 35,00

* incl. application of oils and products
All oils that are used for the aromatic treatments are 100% all-natural and of organic quality from the "Farfalla" or "Primavera" lines.

Holistic Pulsing

Do you suffer from muscle tension or lack of sleep or is it hard for you to relax? Then, Holistic Pulsing is perfect for you! Holistic Pulsing is a simple way to relax. With this method, relaxation is not a conscious effort but it comes naturally! It provides the body with exactly what it needs.

What are the effects of Holistic Pulsing?

Overall deep relaxation stimulates metabolism, lymph flow, and circulation. Toxins and waste substances are removed from the skin, and blockages are dissolved (blockages are often the cause of many physical afflictions).

Holistic Pulsing is suited for people who
  • sit at the computer for long periods
  • are plagued and overwhelmed by stress
  • want to escape the everyday
  • are curious and want to do something good for their themselves
  • have asthma
  • have problems with metabolism
  • have weight problems

Holistic Pulsing is not something that can be explained, but you have to feel it for yourself! Please contact our reception desk for more information and appointments.